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Breast Cancer Solution

The 1st Technology to use Radar in Human Tissue

SCOUT® Radar Localization

The Preferred Localization Solution to Treat More Patients. Merit Medical Leads Wire-free Localization as SCOUT Procedures Surpass a Quarter of a Million.

300,000+ Procedures and more than 800+ Accounts in the US.

SCOUT System

Console: Generates & Detects Unique RADAR signal. Provides Real-Time Audible and Visual Feedback on Location-Distance.

The Guide Transmits & Receives RADAR Signal so it transmits pulsating infrared light.

Reflector RADAR Signal can be detected in a 60mm range with 360˚ signal detection. Identify with ±1mm Accuracy.


Clinical Evidence

Unrivaled Clinical Evidence in 65+ Publications. 25+ Peer Reviewed. Targeted Axillary Dissection | Long-term placement | Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy | Biopsy time | Bracketing | Outside breast


Clearly Visible

No matter the Modality, the SCOUT does not interfere with imaging required during patient care. Visible in the Mammogram, Ultrasound, Specimen Radiograph, MRI.


Value Analysis

Reduction in Supply Costs | Improved Efficiency while maintaining revenue stream | Same-day SCOUT placement adds no time on front end | Improves the patient experience.


Why is SCOUT® the Preferred Solution to Treat More Patients? 

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