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Treatment Evolved!

The ARIES2 applicator's SmartFocus technology stands out from other applicators, allowing the surgeon to adjust shockwave penetration depth and energy levels at the touch of a button. There is no need to change the gel pads.

Reduce the unnecessary steps compared to others ESWT devices.

Every shot - A perfect shot

ARIES 2 has a patented testing device which can measure and indicate the applicator's current shockwave output. No other devices possess this technology.

The ARIES 2 delivers consistent output of shockwaves throughout its lifespan with no degradation or fluctuations experienced with Piezoelectric or Electrode based systems.

This solution provides doctors and patients assurance that the therapy is effective and brings the desired treatment effects.


Proven Data

The Dornier ARIES 2 is the only machine with a scientifically based treatment protocol. The data provides confidence that the patients are being offered the best treatment option.


Last 4x longer

Conventional Li-ESWT applicators lifespan 100,000 to 500,000 shocks. Dornier ARIES 2 average lifespan 2,000,000 shocks.



When using ARIES 2, you assure with confidence that every shockwave delivered is at its full intended strength.

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