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Innovative HF Technology

The maXium set new standards in terms of ease of use and performance. The state-of-the-art high frequency technology gathers multifunctional applications, intuitive handling, user friendly assets, and effective performance under difficult situations.

The maXium performs mono and bipolar aplications, as well as vessel sealing using the SealSafe IQ current.


Innovative technology for complex and diverse technical requirements.

Wide range of precisely regulated currents with monopolar and bipolar cutting and coagulation.

Bipolar Vessel Sealing system for vessels and tissue bundles. Reliable and economical vessel sealing system as the instruments are REUSABLE.


For the surgeon

Wide selection of working currents for all standard HF applications. Spark control. 99 programs can be saved. Control of current based on the instruments connected.


For the OR team

Quick-step-control for simpler operation and selection of procedure. PCS Patient Control System for safety. Favorite programs access. Plug and play instrumentation.


For the Biomedical team and Adm

4 or 6 instruments can be permanently connected to the device. Third party accessories can be used. All disciplines are covered. Reusable system for bipolar vessel sealing. Cost Reduction.

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