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Dornier Medilas®


The power of performance.
The highest-powered holmium laser which provides high speed for stone fragmentation and dusting.

The unit is designed for a variety of soft and hard tissue surgical procedures. The H140 delivers great treatment efficiency in endourology with 140W POWER and up to six Joule [J] energy.

Power & Frequency

140 W Highest Power | 100 Hz Highest Frequency

POWER - Reduce treatment time and delivers extraordinary surgical precision and efficiency

FREQUENCY - Allows for fast stone fragmentation and dusting. Also, provides excellent hemostasis and tissue cutting during intense laser interaction.


High Power

Faster procedures and more options for customized treatment.



No need to invest in two separate units. For HoLEP and Stone treatment the H140 offers both capabilities.


Built-in Morcellator

Oscillating morcellator knives have been shown to be faster and safer than reciprocating knives.

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