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Control the surgical smoke

Surgical smoke evacuation legislation continues to make its way through laws and requirements for Operating Rooms. Soon enough, the countries in our region will begin implementing stronger regulations and submit smoke evacuation policies.

How to make your institution the next one to go surgical smoke-free?

Risk too real to ignore​

maXium smartVac. Efficient and Quiet Smoke Evacuation Solution.

Main filter unit (ULPA standard) Contributes to protect OR personnel from SARS-Cov-2 viruses | ULPA filtration standard (U15) that removes 99,9995% of all particles from 0,1 μm (=100 nm).

European Society of Gynecology Endoscopy and the AORN have published recommendations to control surgical smoke during surgical procedures. Thus, associations and societies strongly recommend the use of smoke evacuation in open and laparoscopic cases.


Efficient smoke evacuation​

New standard in the evacuation of surgical smoke created by HF or Laser surgery.


Easy to set-up

Parameters can be storage in the user program. Turbo Mode, LAP mode available



Works with the maXium HF unit or third-party units. Can be connected to the cannisters or to the central suction of the OR.


smartONE surgical pencils

The new single-use HF accessory line Safe and easy!

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