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Extending long-term vessel patency in patients with obstructions in the dialysis outflow circuit


The Merit WRAPSODY was designed to solve an unmet clinical need for dialysis patients with stenosis in the outflow circuit. Improved primary patency | Reduced revision frequency | Less hospitalization | Avoid catheterization | Reduced economic cost.

Unique Tri-Layered Endoprosthesis Microstructure

Middle Cell-Impermeable Layer: The Merit Wrapsody is engineered with an impermeable middle layer built to prevent transmural cellular migration w/o the use of drug bonding.

Inside Novel-Spun PTFE Layer: The innermost layer of the Merit WRAPSODY is made of a biocompatible, novel-spun PTFE layer designed to limit inflammation and thrombus formation without coatings, chemicals, or drugs

Outer ePTFE - Standard Layer: The outer layer of the Merit WRAPSODY is engineered with a standard, biocompatible ePTFE material that allows for necessary tissue ingrowth to prevent endoprosthesis migration.


Intuitive Delivery

Ratcheted deployment handle for one-handed accurate and controlled endoprosthesis placement. Single port for flushing guide wire lumen and endoprosthesis pod. Radiopaque marker bands for enhanced visualization.


Optimized Radial Strength

Consistent Radial Force: Helps prevent vessel trauma once the endoprosthesis is deployed within the vessel. Compression Resistance: Designed to withstand extrinsic pressures placed on the device.


Softened End Rows

Softened end rows better conform to healthy tissue, prevent vessel trauma, and improve long-term patency


Why Merit Wrapsody?

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